Do you want to improve your Career?

  • Could you have your dream career?
  • Could you have your dream career at the speed you desire?
  • Can your circle of influence support your career and/or business?
  • Could you thrive in your career investing your current resources (money, time, energy, and education)?
  • Can you leave a legacy?
  • Can you monetize what you love and all your passions?

All the answers are *YES*!

Andy owns a transportation company. Every single week, he was stuck replacing “sick” drivers and practically spent more than 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, 360 days a year, between offices and trucks.

Compared to his competitors, he was making considerable profits, but he was not 100% satisfied, because he didn’t have time for his family, hobbies and fitness.

He was home only a couple of hours a day, and when I met him, his wife wanted to divorce him, all due to the time he couldn’t dedicate to himself and his family. She left divorce papers for him to sign on the kitchen table, one early morning.

We started coaching Andy, and the root cause of his big challenge was immediately obvious: he could not delegate and outsource correctly.

How do you and one effectively delegate?

This and all other best life practices are revealed in the Business Area of Rich Coach University.

After only a few months of coaching, Andy and his wife renewed their vows in Hawaii, with their beloved kids and pets bearing the rings and witnessing the beautiful sunset ceremony.

What will the perfect gift for Success be?

The Gift Of “Doing What You Love”!

The Career Area of Rich Coach University :)

“Rich Coach University” is the place to practice and monetize what you love!

Dr Rosenthal, from Harvard University

Thanks to Rich Coach University, my family and I are able to travel all over the world, anywhere, anytime!

Caer Daia, TriContinental Business Man

Rich Coach University is fantastic! I have learned everything I needed to succeed in my own life, relations and business. Business is relations!

Donald Lainer, Broker

Thanks to Coach Elena and her team for showing me how the best opportunities in life come from cultivating the right relationships! :)

Dr. Divgi, MD

Thanks to the people I met through Rich Coach University, I invested in my career and the investment came back a million fold and much more! :) Thank you!!!

Shahzad Ahmed, CEO


What you will get:

Videos and Books

for each one of these 22 templates

  1. ICF Competencies Levels Table
  2. ICF Core Competency Rating Levels 1
  3. ICF Competencies Summarized
  4. Co-Active Coach (powerful questions, clients' contexts & creating awareness)
  5. Play two Win
  6. Basic Coaching Skills - PlayBook
  7. Client Frames and Agreements - Example of coaching contract
  8. Coach Confidentiality NDA Coaching Program - Example of coaching contract
  9. Coach - Code of Conduct - Example of coaching contract
  10. Client Frames + Client/Coach Agreement + Program Policy
  11. Independent Contractor Agreement Entity
  12. Independent Contractor Agreement - Individual - TEMPLATE
  13. 1st edition Condo Entrepreneur
  14. Warren Buffett's Real Estate passive income
  16. Introduction emails from new coach to client
  17. 100 proven ways / ideas to generate sales
  18. 101 ways to advertise - virtually f r e e
  19. 50 lead generating tips
  20. Sales Objections & Rebuttals
  21. Quiz (stress) for IPTC ads by Dr Pezzini
  22. Special crisis coaching tools

How will you benefit?

  1. You will highly monetize all your passions
  2. You will be a big "fish" in a big "pond"
  3. You will monopolize your niche
  4. You will follow the smartest and easiest plan/strategy to get where you want to, twice as fast!

Special Bonuses

  • 1° Bonus: 1 coaching session with one of the certified "You Have Got The Power" Senior Coaches [$2,000.00 value]
  • 2° Bonus: Access to 1 month of *Group Business Coaching* + *World Business Mastermind* [$300.00]
  • 3° Bonus: Tens of Best Selling "Mind-Power"e-books [$1,500.00 value]
  • 4° Bonus: Mind Maps of the best personal development books [$775.00 value]
  • 5° Bonus: 50% off of the International "Client Relationship Management" (CRM) SnakeMember [software + consultation for 3 entire years = $1,995.00 total savings]
  • 6° Bonus: 50% off of your website hosting and management [for 3 entire years = $1,895.00 total savings]
  • 7° Bonus: 1 consultation with one of the Affiliate Power Consultant, Mentor, Subject Matter Expert [$9,000.00 value]
  • 8° Bonus: Access to the International "You Have Power" Private Facebook Groups

What's the value of the certification?

Normally the Rich Coach University certification course is sold at $9,750.00, excluding the value of all the bonuses, that are sold separately. Given our goal of helping as many people as possible to become certified Power Coaches, we have decided to offer it to you, at our cost, and offer you the entire RCU certification course + all the 9 bonuses, for a total value of $37,215.00 at:

Course Author

Elena Pezzini

an Organizational Psychology Doctor, Business Coach & Executive

A native of Italy, Elena moved to the States to pursue her PhD in Applied/Industrial Psychology. In 1999, after earning it, along with many Coaching, Training, and Hypnosis Certifications, she began work as a consultant for a number of Fortune 100 companies…

Why Buy?

Yes, everything has a price and, everyday, you have to choose and decide (yes or no) among ideas, contacts, products, and services.

Successful people know what they want and they make decisions fast. Time is money!

Ask yourself:

Do you want to continuing living a mediocre life with struggles?


How much do you truly want to improve your life, and other people’s lives, by becoming a coaching leader?

Then, in summary:

  • Become a good coach
  • You have a chance to work with *You Have Got The Power*
  • Shorten your road to freedom
  • Be supported by 1 of the most solid companies, in the field of coaching and coaching certifications
  • “Walk the talk”
  • Fully educate others on personal development, master success habits and, therefore, improve your life and many lives around you
  • Improve the quality of your relationships, and the quality of your profession
  • Become an excellent and attentive listener
  • Reduce your stress to a minimum
  • Solve problems and get ahead in life, in a fun and easy way
  • Meet thousands of unconditionally loving new friends: your fellow coaches
  • Do what you love
  • Earn a ton of money by improving your life and the lives of others and loved ones
  • Have plenty of money to donate to charity, causes, and to contribute and serve your community
  • Learn from the best trainers and international coaches
  • Get certified by “You Have Got The Power,” world leader in personal and financial growth
  • Take advantage of this limited time deal, which is cents on the dollar, compared to the $100,000.00 and 3 decades, that we spent, to become certified coaches
  • Receive help with your coaching practice (clients and assistants)
  • Get free certification updates

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Prosper, while your beloved Clients prosper, too!

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